5th class spent some time studying light this year. They looked at the camera and how a camera works. They also made their own pin hole cameras. Ronan and Cathal wrote about how they made them and the class took loads of photos! They were delighted when they tested them and realised that all of their cameras worked!

Testing the cameras

Ronan and Cathal’s Method

            Step for making pin hole cameras 

In school we made pin-hole cameras, to make them use these simple steps.

  1. Paint a kitchen role black (inside and out) leaving no spaces
  2. Cut the kitchen role in half (equally).
  3. Cover one in grease paper (make sure it’s tight).
  4. Use tape to stick the grease paper to the kitchen roll (make sure it stays on).
  5. Use the same method except cover the other one in tin foil (steps 3 and 4).
  6. Stick them together with tape (grease proof paper in the middle and tin foil sticking out).
  7. Look in it and see is there is any light, if there is any light don’t use tape, use black paper to cover out the light.
  8. Make sure it is pitch black if it is, stick a pin in the tin foil to make a small hole.
  9. Find a small room with a lamp (the brighter the better)
  10. If the light if upside-down it worked!