On the 30th of September 2022, Bunscoil Rinn an Chabhlaigh gathered to celebrate International Music Day! Each class level enjoyed a selection of musical activities throughout the course of the day, highlighting the cultural and diverse musical ties that are within the BSRAC community!

All classes began the day by gathering in the hall for a Musical Assembly filled with songs from around the world! We would like to thank Linda Kenny, Ryan Morgan and Mr. Carney who performed brilliantly to a very appreciative crowd!

Junior Infants and Senior Infants made a selection of homemade maracas using bottles and pasta. Holding cultural significance in Latin America, the maracas proved to be a brilliant way of developing the musical skills of beat and rhythm for their nursery rhyme performances!

1st and 2nd Class worked on some Music Appreciation activities whereby they listened to a selection of music from around the world and responded to it by creating musical notes to express their feelings. The final artwork was placed on the whole class staff entitled, ‘Thank You For The Music’. 

3rd and 4th Class completed some African Drumming and Singing workshops in the school hall. The boys and girls explored elements of pitch, dynamics, timbre and texture in music and gained a massive appreciation for African Music. This knowledge will come in very handy as they explore different countries throughout African later on in the year.

5th and 6th Class were treated to a selection of Scottish Snare, Bass and Tenor Drumming Workshops. We were thrilled to have John Murphy and Daniel Mulcahy work with the children as they explored a selection of rudiments, rhythmic structure and beating patterns in 5th Class. Mr. Stephenson taught a selection of bass and tenor workshops to sixth class as they explored the stylistic, pitch-focused elements that contribute towards effective percussion. This all culminated in some super performances by Mr. Stephenson on bagpipes and Daniel Mulcahy on Snare Drum.

We hope that everyone enjoyed the day and would like to thank all of those involved in making the day so special! Make sure that you check out ways that your child can get involved in music around the community!

‘Music is the food of life…Play on! – William Shakespeare