The children in Senior Infants are exploring the theme of ‘The Farm’ in Aistear! They are enjoying learning about the theme through discussion and play.

Roleplay: The children are going on an imaginary farm visit. They are helping the farmer to carry out his duties. These duties include rounding up the animals, collecting the eggs from the chicken coop and brushing the mane of the horses.

Small World:  Using small figurines, the children are building imaginary farms. They are making barns for the cows, stables for the horses and many other great things.

Playdough: The children are cutting, rolling and squishing playdough to make farm animals and vegetables.

Construction: The construction workers are using Lego and blocks to build milking parlours, stables and houses for the farmers.

Junk Art: The children are creating paper plate animals. They are emjoyng showing how creative and talented they can be.

The children are having lots of fun with this theme. They are learning about the different animals that can be found on a farm and the day to day life of a farmer.