Thanks to all who responded to our survey last week, it helps the school continue to plan and adapt for online learning with parental input.

As you are aware, the school building is to remain closed until the new school year in September. The Dept of Education and Tusla have informed schools that they must proactively ensure that each child is learning while the building is closed – schooling is to continue for each child. While students are enrolled in a class, it is still the teacher’s responsibility to ensure the child is progressing to the best of their ability and to the extent each family situation allows.

Our teachers are working very hard to support teaching and learning remotely. I want to acknowledge and thank the teachers for the work they have undertaken to provide for the continuity of learning through online platforms, communicating using email, school website, school app, and other online tools. We know this is not ideal but thank you for working with us.

If you have yet to engage in Seesaw – our distance learning platform – it is essential that you do so now so that continuity of education can be provided for your child. If you are unable to access Seesaw for any reason, you should contact the teacher so that alternative arrangements can be made that suit your circumstances.

School reports for the summer will take into account the content uploaded to the teacher on Seesaw.

Again, we want to highlight that teachers understand each family’s situation and access ability varies greatly.  If there is something we can do to help, please reach out by email to either the principal or the deputy.

It is the school’s role in partnership with parents to ensure that there is a smooth transition back to school in the new term.

Thank you for your support and for all your efforts in the home in relation to learning.

Mo Chumus Abú!