Music Lab


SoundTrap : A great way for students to experiment with loops and sounds through layering tracks and building songs. Supports GSuite and Office365 logins which means all work saved to the cloud. Free version gives students five compositions to explore. Lots of learning in students playing around with the built in demo songs and their use of sound recording techniques, musical effects and layering of sounds (texture etc.) (@stephenmcf)


I Am An Artist 


Glucksman Gallery:


Carlow Educate Together Visual Arts Plan

Carlow Educate Together’s Visual Arts Plan is available to everyone. It’s a Google Site that contains information on all the strands and video examples of what to do in each of them. 


Draw a Robot – Early finishers-give your Robot a name and describe his powers.

See link below for Robot Inspo


Deep Space Sparkle


Cassie Stephens (Art/STEM)


Online art supports on Social Media


  1. Will Sliney coaches drawing of marvel characters
  2. Art for kids hub coaches simple drawings
  3. Draw so cute coaches drawing simple cartoons
  4. Use your hand as a template for drawing simple pictures- 10 ideas
  5. Craft ideas using materials in the home



  1. LEARNSTAGRAM.2020 – online school including art lessons with minimal resources. (other subjects available on this platform)