The Amber Flag/ Health promoting School’s Committee held their inaugural meeting on Friday 10th November. The committee consists of parents, a representative of the Parents Council, Teaching staff and 9 children representing 4th to 6th class. The aim of the committee is to promote positive mental health at school, at home and across the wider community. We had a wonderful meeting. The children had so many ideas they were an inspiration to us all. The following are the initiatives agreed at the meeting:

  1. A Gratitude Tree will be created in the foyer. Everyone in the school will get a leaf on which they can write something they are thankful for. Teachers can also send leaves home to parents so that they can take part too!
  2. A poster/slogan competition to promote positive mental health. All the entries will be hung around the school and the most positive will be shown at December’s assembly.
  3. Mindful Mondays will begin on Monday 20th The bell will ring at 11.30am and every person in the school will take a few minutes to practise Mindfulness….being present in the moment.
  4. We will take part in the Simon Community Christmas Jumper Appeal for the homeless in December.
  5. We hope to take a group of singers /musicians to perform for Cobh retirees who are members of The Swells organisation at the Community Centre.


We are very excited about this new initiative and hope that parents will become involved also. One of our parents suggested that the Gratitude Tree idea could be replicated with the family at home….to show us how many things we already have to be grateful for.

We welcome any ideas/feedback.


The Amber Flag/ Health Promoting School Committee