Bunscoil Rinn an Chabhlaigh

Rushbrooke, Cobh, Co. Cork


  • Science Week in Coiscéim – Magnets - We continued working on Energy & Forces: Magnetism Our pupils really enjoyed exploring and experimenting with magnets!!! We discussed what materials attract to magnets and then they searched for magnetic things around the room. Continue Reading
  • Science Week in Junior Infants - The three Junior Infant classes had so much fun this week. We experimented with magnets and explored objects that were magnetic and non- magnetic. We also carried out a fun experiment with Skittles. We placed Skittles along the edge of the plate and watched all of the colours run into each other as our teacher… Continue Reading
  • Science Week in Ms. McCarthy’s Senior Infants - This week in Science we learnt all about the forces push and pull. We experimented with our toys and sorted them into 'push' toys, 'pull' toys and 'both'. We had a lot of fun learning about forces!! Continue Reading
  • Sixth Class Nature Scavenger Hunt - Mr Stephenson's 6th class undertook a nature Scavenger hunt last week,taking advantage of this nice Autumn weather. Great fun was had in seeing the practical applications of all that we had learned on photosynthesis, seed dispersal and key/map making . Continue Reading
  • Planting spring bulbs. - Ms de Rís' second class have been busy planting spring bulbs. The children are looking forward to the colour of daffodils on their windowsill in the springtime.   Continue Reading
  • Visiting Artist – 4th Class - Local artist, Carmel Creaner, worked with our three 4th classes this year on a textiles project called 'Lore from Longo' which linked into their 50's theme in SESE. The children learned so many new skills and concepts... and the teachers too!  Thanks so much to Carmel for all her work and to all the teachers… Continue Reading
  • Liberté! Equalité! Fraternité! - In Miss Thompson’s class we learned all about the French Revolution. We made scenes from from the French Revolution using shoe box dioramas  in art. Continue Reading
  • Coiscéim Aistear – Supermarket theme - After working on all the skills in our Aistear room, we were able to put those skills into practice! We contacted one of the locals supermarkets, Eurospar to organise a shopping trip. The manager, Marie Kavanagh was waiting for us that day and gave as a ‘tour’ around the shop. We even got to see… Continue Reading
  • Predicting & questioning! - https://youtu.be/3A4xb2vumkc Continue Reading
  • Snap Circuits in Rang V - Ms Murphy’s class have been learning about electricity and electrical circuits. They learned about how series circuits and parallel circuits work. They also drew their own circuits and had great fun building their own circuits using our Elenco Snap Circuit sets. Continue Reading