Bunscoil Rinn an Chabhlaigh

Rushbrooke, Cobh, Co. Cork


As a whole school we are always looking at the work we do and aim to make small changes which will lead to better teaching, learning and outcomes for pupils. This year 2018/19 we have decided to focus on Science and getting our students to think scientifically though exploration and discovery. The whole focus comes under the term STEAM which is Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. We’ll be aiming to incorporate all these things in scientific activities!

Some of the things happening so far…

  • Surveys sent to parents and to teachers for their input.
  • Donation of €1000 from a parent in the school on behalf of ON Semiconductor
  • Staff Training from Discover Primary Science and Maths (check out their website at www.sfi.ie)
  • ‘Designer Minds’ have set up an after school club in the school… keep an eye out if you’re interested!
  • Rang III and IV had a visit from a scientist and brought petri dishes home full to watch bacteria grow!
  • Parents’ Council will be offering this year’s fundraising proceeds to improve our Scientific resources in the classroom
  • VEX Robotics Club has started! They will be building a robot, programming it and getting it to perform tasks on an obstacle course… against other schools!

Keep an eye on this page for updates and please get in touch if you have an idea that you can share with us!

  • Model Boat Competition - Continue Reading
  • Mr Stephenson’s Class Volcanoes - Mr Stephenson's Class have been busy learning about the different types of volcanoes throughout the world and this week saw them building their own volcanoes with paper mache. They took them outside to see them erupt and the results were quite impressive Continue Reading
  • Our Bug Hotel - In February while learning about biodiversity in  Science the pupils in Mrs O'Sullivan's class in  Coisceim B agreed they would like to make a safe space for minibeasts to shelter, lays their eggs and hide from predators. So, the idea of a bug hotel was born. We were so lucky to have Paula our SNA… Continue Reading
  • STEAM in 3rd Class - Ms Haines 3rd Class had great fun learning about how Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths are all connected this morning during a live event hosted by Science Foundation Ireland. Here we are drawing jellyfish after we learning how strand DNA is invisible until lots of strands come together, almost like how jellyfish are hard… Continue Reading
  • Science Week in Coiscéim – Magnets - We continued working on Energy & Forces: Magnetism Our pupils really enjoyed exploring and experimenting with magnets!!! We discussed what materials attract to magnets and then they searched for magnetic things around the room. Continue Reading
  • Science Week in Coiscéim - We worked on energy &  forces this week:  Pulling & Pushing Our pupils sorted out classroom objects into 3 different categories: pushing, pulling or both. At the end they completed a worksheet to review what they learned   Continue Reading
  • Science week - We love science in our classroom. We had a very busy science week. Walking on air  I floated on thin air. We put balloons under a table and we floated across the table. I predicted that the balloons would escape from under the table when I walked across it. I liked walking on air. by… Continue Reading
  • Science Week in Junior Infants - The three Junior Infant classes had so much fun this week. We experimented with magnets and explored objects that were magnetic and non- magnetic. We also carried out a fun experiment with Skittles. We placed Skittles along the edge of the plate and watched all of the colours run into each other as our teacher… Continue Reading
  • Magic potions, Drowning gummy bears, Marble runs, Raft building and Shake Shake it Art. It must be Science Week!! - Rang Ms de Rís had great fun this week carrying out experiments for Science week. Lots of investigations were carried out at home and at school as pupils filled in their Science Week logbooks. Some predictions turned out to be true and others not. Lots of laughter and learning was had by all. Continue Reading
  • Science Week in Ms. McCarthy’s Senior Infants - This week in Science we learnt all about the forces push and pull. We experimented with our toys and sorted them into 'push' toys, 'pull' toys and 'both'. We had a lot of fun learning about forces!! Continue Reading