Bunscoil Rinn an Chabhlaigh

Rushbrooke, Cobh, Co. Cork


As a whole school we are always looking at the work we do and aim to make small changes which will lead to better teaching, learning and outcomes for pupils. This year 2018/19 we have decided to focus on Science and getting our students to think scientifically though exploration and discovery. The whole focus comes under the term STEAM which is Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. We’ll be aiming to incorporate all these things in scientific activities!

Some of the things happening so far…

  • Surveys sent to parents and to teachers for their input.
  • Donation of €1000 from a parent in the school on behalf of ON Semiconductor
  • Staff Training from Discover Primary Science and Maths (check out their website at www.sfi.ie)
  • ‘Designer Minds’ have set up an after school club in the school… keep an eye out if you’re interested!
  • Rang III and IV had a visit from a scientist and brought petri dishes home full to watch bacteria grow!
  • Parents’ Council will be offering this year’s fundraising proceeds to improve our Scientific resources in the classroom
  • VEX Robotics Club has started! They will be building a robot, programming it and getting it to perform tasks on an obstacle course… against other schools!

Keep an eye on this page for updates and please get in touch if you have an idea that you can share with us!

  • Ms Looney’s Junior Infants ‘Heat and Melting’. We made Rice Krispie cakes and had lots of fun! - Continue Reading
  • Junior Infants Fun with Maths - Ms O Sullivan's class have been working hard on their numbers up to 10 using a number of different tools and methods to keep it interesting and fun.   Continue Reading
  • Senior Infants Engineering Week and Aistear - Ms. O’ Hanlon’s class were very busy building on the construction site in Aistear during Engineers week. Soren showing the cooker he made for our restaurant Builders hard at work   Lucy, Ore , Eve and Mya proudly showing their farmhouse Mya and Aeron have built a fridge freezer to keep the goods from our… Continue Reading
  • Engineers Week - Engineers week is taking place this week and classes are busy carrying out lots of different exciting activities. In particular many classes are busy recreating world famous buildings in the hope of winning our 'Marshmallow Challenge'! Wait until you see some of our wonderful creations. While doing this the children are continuing to learn and… Continue Reading
  • Coisceim Plants the 1000th tree! - Today we are jumping for joy as the 1000th native Irish tree, a Native Willow, has been planted as part of the Cobh 20/20 project!   Both Ms O Sullivan and Ms Clifford's class were privileged to be involved in this last planting session where we also planted an Alder, Birch tree and a May… Continue Reading
  • Science Club in BSRAC - What do we do? Here in BSRAC we have an amazing science club on every Friday. It is run by Ruth Houlihan, one of our parents. We do  electrical circuits, coding and Science experiments every week.  What have we done? Last year we each built a water rocket. The water rockets were made up of… Continue Reading
  • Digital technology in B.S.R.A.C by Katie , Áine , Carlos - Digital technology in B.S.R.A.C In B.S.R.A.C, we have many different digital devises that help in the classroom. From iPads for student research to white boards for teachers to use for display, computers at the back of each classroom for typing and projectors for school assemblies. We have interactive smartboards that allow the teachers to show… Continue Reading
  • Snap circuits in Ms. Thompson’s class! - A big thanks to Ruth Jackson for teaching us so much about electricity!   https://youtu.be/k9yOzrwcZks   Continue Reading
  • Senior Infants Maths 3D Shapes - Ms Hopkins Senior Infants class did an experiment to see which 3D shapes can roll. They made predictions and investigated the outcomes. We discovered that cubes and cuboids don’t roll but cylinders and spheres do.   Continue Reading
  • Robotics By Ciarán 5th class - My Robotics Experience At the start of 5th class, I heard that we’d be doing the VEX Robotics. I was really happy. We started off by building the cubes and the arena. We were lucky to get the arena because lots of schools don’t get it. I built the red cubes and I also helped… Continue Reading