Bunscoil Rinn an Chabhlaigh

Rushbrooke, Cobh, Co. Cork

Student Section

  • November Assembly and Cobh Christmas Lights Announcement - We gathered as a school community today for our November Assembly. We had a special visit from Joanna Murphy to tell us about the Cobh Christmas Lights Competition. Additional information can be found courtesy of Ms Thompson at the following link below: https://app.seesaw.me/#/activities/library?community&promptId=prompt.a5772476-c808-460e-9c7d-59d587a89292 Pictured below are our award winners.  You should all be very proud… Continue Reading
  • Student Council Meeting – November 2022! - Bunscoil Rinn An Chabhlaigh's Student Council met yesterday to discuss lots of new and on-going exciting projects taking place! Student Voice is vital to the success of our school and we value each and everyone of their voices! Click on the video below to explore the minutes and actions taken from our most recent meeting!… Continue Reading
  • 👻HALLOWEEN POETRY JAM AT BSRAC!👻 - Our school community gathered to celebrate the fantastic poetic efforts of our pupils over the past number of weeks during our School Hallowe'en Poetry Jam! 🎃 Each class presented a fantastic, Hallowe'en-themed poem as part of our continued school focus on Oral Language Development through playful means! 🙌 We are so proud of each and… Continue Reading
  • 🎃HAPPY HALLOWE’EN FROM JUNIOR INFANTS! 🎃 - Junior Infants had a terrific time today and were all action during our Hallowe'en festivities! 👻 After the Poetry Jam, the children went from classroom to classroom trick or treating! 🍬 After that, they played a selection of Halloween party games like, bobbing for apples! 🌟 What fun these Junior Infants had! 👏 Oíche Shamhna… Continue Reading
  • 🎃JUNIOR INFANTS FIRST HALLOWEEN IN PRIMARY SCHOOL!🎃 - Junior Infants had a blast today as they celebrated their first Oíche Shamhna in Bunscoil Rinn An Chabhlaigh! 💀 There was a buzz of excitement as the children dressed up, performed poetry at our recently poetry jam and played lots of fun games! 🙌 They are all so excited to go Trick or Treating on… Continue Reading
  • 🍕 MAKING PIZZA!🍕 - As a reward for making fantastic progress this term and marking the conclusion of our current procedural writing focus, sixth class had lots of fun making pizza this week! 🇮🇹 The boys and girls analysed procedural writing pieces from books, examined recipes online and wrote their our own Hallowe'en inspired pizza recipes! 📚💻 The children… Continue Reading
  • 🎃 OÍCHE SHAMHNA! 🎃 - Rang a Sé were learning about all things Hallowe'en this week and completed lots of fun activities about the topic! 💀 They created a selection of Halloween candle holders made from clay during our art lessons and will use them as decorations at home to celebrate the festivities! 🕯️ They also completed a flying ghost… Continue Reading
  • 🎃 HALLOWEEN POETRY JAM 2022! 🎃 - 🎃 HALLOWEEN POETRY JAM 2022! 🎃 Our pupils have been working hard over the past number of weeks learning lots of Halloween-themed poetry! 🌟 Our school is currently focusing on the importance of oral language development through playful means like poetry! 🙌 We have set up a stage in the school hall and all of… Continue Reading
  • ⚽ SCIATH NA SCOL CHAMPIONS 2022 – BUNSCOIL RINN AN CHABHLAIGH! ⚽ - ⚽ SCIATH NA SCOL CHAMPIONS 2022 - BUNSCOIL RINN AN CHABHLAIGH! ⚽ We are so proud of our girl's football team who were crowned 'Sciath na Scol Champions' for 2022! 🏆 The girls have been training very hard since they returned to school and it is brilliant to see all of their hard work paying… Continue Reading
  • Student Council Meeting – October 26th, 2022! - Our student council met on October 26th to discuss lots of new ideas and how we can use our student voice to develop our school further! Check out the video below to see what we spoke about and what we intend to do in the coming weeks! Mo Chumas Abú! Continue Reading