As you are aware we have a new language curriculum that integrates the teaching of Gaeilge and English. This year we are aiming towards the development of Oral Language in both languages. Staff and students have looked carefully at developing the teaching and learning of language. Our rationale is to develop the playful and creative use of language. This is  our core objective in our Schools Self Evaluation(SSE) target this year.

We have also reviewed and uploaded all Curricular polices in all subject areas, we invite you to read them and if you have any feedback we would, as always, welcome it! We continuously strive to improve the teaching and learning here in BSRAC incorporating language as a central part of the learning process. We embrace active learning, collaborative approaches, the importance of environment-based activities as well as differentiated approaches and assessment – again any feedback welcome!

Please see PDF of our new Primary Language Policy below. Other policies can be found in their relevant subject areas on the website.

BSRAC PLC Policy 2022 Final Edition