4th Class Art Project with Carmel Creaner : Jan. and Feb. 2020

By Lily  and Cillian – 4th Class – Mr Murphy

The week after Christmas, 4th class started a six week Art project with Carmel Creaner, visiting Art teacher.

In the first lesson, we talked about the 1950’s and Carmel told us that she and her husband were clearing out their attic and she showed us some notes they found about the 1950’s. They were very cool and interesting. We enjoyed listening to them and learning more about the 1950’s and how different it is now compared to then.

The following week we learned how to thread our needles. Carmel brought in letters and she taught us how to stitch. We used colourful string and we used big needles. It was really fun and hard but we got better as the weeks went on.

In week three Carmel brought in pieces of square felt with the outline of a x’s and o’s game. We got big needles and wool. We really enjoyed this part of the lesson because it was fun, relaxing and a great way to learn how to stitch.

Then when we came in to school in week four, we used ink to print our pictures onto a page of fabric.

In week 5, Carmel brought in a lot of patterns and let us choose one and when we chose it she ironed a bit of it onto our picture. When she did that, we had to stitch the pattern on to the page of fabric.

In week six, we were allowed to bring stuff in that needed to be repaired. A lot of people brought in teddy bears! Mr Murphy, our teacher, even brought in his little girl’s mermaid to be repaired! We also stitched a button onto the page of fabric. Our pages will be framed by Carmel and they will be displayed in the school.

We really enjoyed doing this Art project. When we first started 4th class, we honestly never imagined doing stitching as it is such a hard thing to do as you need a lot of patience.

Before Carmel came, we were already learning about the 1950’s. We were doing projects and a lot of history. We were all so happy when our teacher, Mr. Murphy, told us about the stitching and Carmel’s lessons. It has been a really enjoyable few weeks of stitching and sewing!

By Lily and Cillian

4th Class – Mr Murphy.