Bunscoil Rinn an Chabhlaigh

Rushbrooke, Cobh, Co. Cork



In BSRAC we are striving to ensure pupils are in receipt of a broad and balance PE curriculum which provides opportunities for learning in each lesson.  Each and every child is entitled to a minimum of 60 minutes Physical Education every week.  Meaningful physical education can develop a child’s physical literacy and provide them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to remain active throughout their lives.

The physical education curriculum contains 6 strands:

Athletics                                 Dance

Gymnastics                             Games

Outdoor and Adventure       Aquatics (Currently we only do a land based programme)


The school has equipment to facilitate the delivery of each of these strands and a number of pupils are responsible for ensuring that the PE equipment room is kept tidy and easily accessible.  The PE curriculum is supplemented with input from external providers such as the tennis club and the GAA.  These external providers help in the delivery of the games element of the curriculum.

To try and ensure pupils receive an even amount of instruction across all strands of the curriculum we have attempted to standardise the PE timetable across the school where possible.  Standardising the PE timetable so that in general all teachers are teaching the same strand at the same time has many benefits.  Resources can be shared between teachers and equipment can be prepared.

As part of prioritising Gymnastics we held a CPD in the school as part of our teacher development programme. We included gymnastics in our new standardised timetable and ensured appropriate fundamental movement skills are focused on. We purchased equipment to enchance our lessons in gymnastics.




Month Strand
September Outdoor and Adventure (2 weeks) FMS: Walking

Athletics (2 weeks) FMS: Running

October Games. FMS: Catching
November Gymnastics. FMS: Jumping for height
December Gymnastics. FMS: Balancing
January Dance. FMS: Hopping
February Dance (2 weeks)

Athletics (2 weeks)

March Athletics
April (2 weeks) Games. FMS: Side Stepping
May (4 weeks) Games (2 weeks) FMS: Striking with the hand

Outdoor and adventure (2 weeks)

June (4 weeks) Outdoor and adventure

Aquatics (land based programme)