Bunscoil Rinn an Chabhlaigh

Rushbrooke, Cobh, Co. Cork

Active Schools


  • 6th Class GAA Training - With Covid restrictions being eased to allow the return of outdoor sports, 6th Class in BSRAC have started back with GAA training this week. Continue Reading
  • Active School Flag News - BIG NEWS: We are delighted to report that we have been awarded our second Active School Flag!!! Well done to our whole school community for taking part, encouraging everyone to stay active and look after our well being! Thank you to all the parents and students who took part in our recent surveys. We appreciate… Continue Reading
  • Wellness Wednesdays in Junior Infants - https://youtu.be/R8tipfnpPRs Continue Reading
  • Wellness Wednesday’s in Junior Infants - https://youtu.be/-KguwGyXjq0   Continue Reading
  • Spring to Life - Ms Haines Third Class are happy to be back in school today and taking on this weeks ‘Spring to Life’ P.E. challenge in association with Ballymore Athletics Club 🤗🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️ One challenge each week for six weeks - the message is in whatever way you can, get moving! 😁 Have a look at us after running our… Continue Reading
  • Raise a Flag for the Daily Mile! -   We have great news to share from the Active School Committee! Our school has been awarded a special school flag to honour our commitment to The Daily Mile. To mark this special achievement, Thursday December 10th was designated “Raise a Flag  for the Daily Mile Day”. The Daily Mile involves 15 minutes during the… Continue Reading
  • ‘Active Break Every Day’ Challenge Completed! -   Well done to all classes for completing the 'Active Break Every Day' Challenge! Everybody had lots of fun and the challenge helped to remind us all of the benefits of keeping active throughout the day. This week, Mr Stephenson's 6th class have been keeping active through dance - Ms O'Donnell's 4th class enjoyed lots… Continue Reading
  • Junior Infants-Active School Walkway - Junior Infants used the Active School Walkway today with Ms Supple for the first time! We followed the green signs all around the school grounds and they kept us on track. Every time we saw a blue sign we did some exercises. We did jumping jacks, twists and squats and ran a lap of the… Continue Reading
  • ‘Active Break Every Day’ Challenge! - We are all enjoying taking part in the Active School 'Active Break Every Day' challenge! The girls and boys know that physical activity helps us to: Stay healthy Concentrate and focus and Have fun! So from November 9th to December 4th 2020 each class has committed to taking a movement break every day.  Our active… Continue Reading
  • Fundamental Movement Skills in Junior Infants -   Junior Infants are working on jumping as their Fundamental Movement Skill for November!  We are working on jumping for height and for distance. Continue Reading

Bunscoil Rinn an Chabhlaigh (BSRAC) is committed to becoming an Active school for the benefit of all pupils, parents, teachers and the wider community.  To help us achieve this aim and to demonstrate our commitment to the importance of physical activity for all we are endeavouring to achieve an Active School Flag.  The Active School Flag (ASF) is awarded to schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community. The process aims to get more schools, more active, more often.

To achieve our aim of promoting lifelong physical activity and to be recognised as active school we are focussing on improvements in three main areas:

  1. Physical Education (PE): The term physical education refers to activities taught as part of the curriculum within class time where the emphasis is on learning.  Each and every child is entitled to a minimum of 60 minutes Physical Education every weekTo read more about Physical Education in BSRAC click here


  1. Physical Activity: Physical activity is an all-encompassing term which can include physical education, sport or play and any other activity undertaken for enjoyment or health. Children need 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day to keep their bodies healthy. To read more about physical activity in BSRAC and the benefits of physical activity click here.


  1. Partnerships: Physical activity doesn’t stop at the school door and so it is important that parents and the local community play their part in ensuring that our students remain active long after the school bell has rung! To find out more about physical activity opportunities in Cobh click here


A teacher and pupil committee have been set up to help the whole school community to work towards improvements in these areas.

To read more about each of the developments we have undertaken check out our Active School News section.

With the support of all pupils, teachers, parents and the local community we have no doubt that Bunscoil Rinn an Chabhlaigh can achieve great things and be recognised far and wide as an Active School!  Mo Chumas Abú!