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Rushbrooke, Cobh, Co. Cork

Digital Learning

  • Digital technology in B.S.R.A.C by Katie , Áine , Carlos - Digital technology in B.S.R.A.C In B.S.R.A.C, we have many different digital devises that help in the classroom. From iPads for student research to white boards for teachers to use for display, computers at the back of each classroom for typing and projectors for school assemblies. We have interactive smartboards that allow the teachers to show… Continue Reading
  • A great play on Europe Day 🇪🇺👍 -   On the 9/5/2019 Ms Hennessy’s fifth class celebrated Europe Day. They celebrated it with food, music and a play. And to go with that we had a surprise visitor who talked about the European Union. We also had seven candidates to explain why you should vote for them as MEP. It was a very… Continue Reading
  • Having a Hoot with Kahoot! - Ms. Thompson's class had a hoot using the quiz app Kahoot answering questions on recent topics covered in class! The Smarties team won the Brazil quiz and The Elstoopido team won the quiz based on Light! Continue Reading
  • Scratch Coding in Rang a Sé - 'In Sixth class we enjoy using Scratch Junior. Some of us participate in Vex Robotics so it’s easy for us to make an animation. We help others in the class who are unsure.   There’s so much you can do on Scratch Junior, I especially like that I can draw my own characters. It’s fun… Continue Reading
  • Robotics! - This is an update from our last post! The Robotics team worked really hard and 'Wally the Robot' was created.  When Wally was finished we printed pictures, cut them out and stuck them in the Engineer's log book . We also worked on our coding skills so that Wally could run without any remote control.… Continue Reading
  • Vex Robotics - WELCOME TO VEX  ROBOTICS . Robotics involves building a robot and programming it to do different activities that you set.  In Robotics you have different teams. For example, we have the building team and the design team who work closely together. We also have the PR team and the coding team. When the robot is… Continue Reading