Bunscoil Rinn an Chabhlaigh

Rushbrooke, Cobh, Co. Cork


  • Maths Week in Coiscéim! - Maths Week: We enjoyed an outdoors Maths' trail! Continue Reading
  • Ms. Murphy’s Fifth Class Running - This year we (Ms. Murphy’s fifth class) do running every day.  We do this because we are getting outside less because of covid and sports being cancelled. Progress We started doing around 4-5 laps of the 5th class yard but amazingly now we are doing 10-11 laps of the main yard. I personally could see… Continue Reading
  • 5th class Math trail 5th Class Busy at Maths! - Maths Week 2020!! 5th class have been busy carrying out Maths trails this week. They had a list of Math challenges that they needed to carry out and photograph in the environment. Here are some of the things they found. Continue Reading
  • Mr Stephenson’s 6th Class Maths Week - Mr Stephenson’s 6th class had great fun exploring the role of Maths in the world around us. Applying their knowledge of angles,multiplication,division and decimals they compiled and solved numerous maths problems in the school environment. It was both a challenging and exciting task to undertake for Maths Week. Continue Reading
  • Maths Outside in Rang V - Ms Murphy's rang V took to the outdoors this morning for their Maths lesson. They used the number plates of various different cars in the car park to create Maths questions on various topics including place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, lines of symmetry and even averages! They answered each others questions on their return… Continue Reading
  • Junior Infants Fun with Maths - Ms O Sullivan's class have been working hard on their numbers up to 10 using a number of different tools and methods to keep it interesting and fun.   Continue Reading
  • Senior Infants Maths 3D Shapes - Ms Hopkins Senior Infants class did an experiment to see which 3D shapes can roll. They made predictions and investigated the outcomes. We discovered that cubes and cuboids don’t roll but cylinders and spheres do.   Continue Reading
  • Maths Week in Ms Murphy’s 5th Class - colin,dara and keelan Continue Reading
  • Investigating Static Electricity – Mrs O’Sullivan Coisceim - Mrs. O’ Sullivan’s class in Coiscéim investigated how static electricity happens when an electric charge builds up on an item. We learned about the structure of an atom and how it has positive and negative charges. We rubbed a balloon with different materials, cotton, nylon and wool to investigate which material produced the best ‘Static’.… Continue Reading
  • EAL ~ Magical Maths Moments! - Before the Midterm break, Ms. O'Donnell's students celebrated Maths Week in a Halloween-themed classroom! After identifying a myriad of Halloween characters, describing creative Halloween costumes and reciting a spooky play rhyme called "The Haunted House", the children were ready for magical maths challenges! Junior Infants enjoyed participating in multiple active games including ... MATCHING  pairs of… Continue Reading