Cathals report on the visit to the church.

8/11/2018 by, Cathal Jackson 5th class Mss Hennessey

On Thursday the 8th our class walked down to Crist Church in Rushbrook. We met a guy called Paul Arbuthnot. He showed us the front of the church and told us stuff about World War 1 Paul told us that Christ church was built in 1866 and the war was started in1914.  A lot of admirable people from Ireland died in the war fighting for freedom. The peace treaty was signed in 11/11/1918 at 11:00. Poppies were worn to remember the people who died in World War 1. After the trip we sadly had to leave the church. It was a good day. I learnt that the war started in 1914 and ended in 11/11/1918 at 11:00. One last fact did you know that the church is 152 years old.

Carlos’ report:

On Thursday my class and the other two 5th classes left our classes at 12:00 and came back at 12:40. All the 5th classes went down to the Christ church down by our school Bunscoil rinn an chabhlaigh. This church is very old it was built in 1866. There was a very nice priest showing us and telling us about the church. His name was Paul rector of the church. He was taking about where they read out the preaching’s and were they read out the gospel. They have a well on the alter for baptising people. He was taking about the church but that wasn’t the only thing he was taking about he was also taking about World War 1. Ww1 stared at the year 1914. And stopped at the 11/11/1918. Lots of people used to wear poppies to remember the people who fought and died in ww1. I really enjoyed it. It was a fun way to learn about ww1.