This is an update from our last post!

The Robotics team worked really hard and ‘Wally the Robot’ was created.  When Wally was finished we printed pictures, cut them out and stuck them in the Engineer’s log book . We also worked on our coding skills so that Wally could run without any remote control.

We went to two schools, Walterstown and Gaelscoil na Dúglaise, to practise scrimmages. This is were their robot and our robot played a match with each other in the arena. The teams from these two schools helped us with some adjustments and we worked on strategies with them which was practice for on the day.   We want to say a big thank you to these two schools for all their support. It was great fun working with them.

Finally, on the 23rd  January we went to CIT for the competition. We played 12 matches. In the matches, we were put in a team with another school and we would work together with that team to score as many points as we could. We also  programmed the Robot for the match so that the Robot would score points without any remote control. We found this pretty amazing .Out of 20 schools we came fifth! We were delighted with this result!  We learned so much in the Robotics club, like how to build, program and design a robot. Overall we had a great day and a great time in the Robotics club!