In Bunscoil Rinn An Chabhlaigh we have a lot of Sports and Exercise activities.  Every Thursday we get no written homework and as you know that’s for active homework. Active homework is good because you can do an active hobby that you love instead.

In our school we have a number of sports teams like Tennis, GAA, Basketball and Badminton to name just a few. One of the best weeks in school is Active schools week. During Active schools week there’s lots of fun activities, games, team sports and obstacle courses. This week in particular is a very busy one for our active school committee members which is made up of students from 2nd -6th class. We have to lead activities like 10@10 which is 10 different exercises’ in 10 minutes in the morning to wake us up.

We have a wonderful equipment room which is full of anything you need bibs, cones, balls, helmets, hoops etc! The equipment room is in the school hall, it’s a small tidy room which is organised every morning by the equipment committee. We are so lucky!

BSRAC has achieved and received a lot of trophies, plaques and certificates in our sport teams over the years and we are so proud to fly our active school flag. You’ll always be encouraged to be active in BSRAC!