Dear parent/guardian,

Your child’s class is taking part in the European Union’s Blue Star Award programme this year. This programme encourages children to engage with the work of the EU and how it impacts on their lives as Europeans. We are working on aspects of European History, Geography, Music, Art, Culture, Politics etc. and the children are responding to these areas through a broad range of work from poetry and project work to music and drama. You will be given an opportunity to view this fantastic work on Thursday 9th May when we will host a Europe Day in the school hall. Invitations are currently being made and sent out by the children! Parents, grandparents, carers and other family members are most welcome. The presentation will begin at 11.30am in the school hall and will end with a food tasting for all at 12.30pm approximately.

We hope to have a European Food section on the day so we are calling on all parents to contribute a small food item which is typical of a European country. I know we have parents from Scotland, Northern Ireland, England, Poland, Slovakia and Ireland of course. Apologies if I have left anybody out! I’m hoping to be able to include sample food from as many EU countries as possible e.g. Spain, Portugal, Greece etc. I would be grateful if you could let me know if you would be happy to provide some small food item on the day, naming the food and the country of origin (for labelling purposes!!!)

**Please note that no nut products can be included due to our school policy on allergies.

I look forward to seeing you on the day.


Siobhán Hennessy