Our day in Coisceim

In Coisceim we have lovely paintings on the wall when you walk through the hallway.

We have four classrooms. We are in classroom B. We have a nice courtyard. Sometimes we like to play ball in the courtyard.

I like Coisceim because when you make an effort with your work you get a five-minute break.

If you need a break, you can go to the sensory room.

Every Friday as a treat for good behaviour, we go to the library and Cobh Heritage Centre on our school bus with Pat.

Every second week we go to Ellen’s coffee shop for a hot chocolate.

We have a really big OT room. We do exercises every day in there.

For five weeks, we used to go swimming and we will be going again after mid-term.

We have computers in our classroom and we do projects and play cool maths games on them.

From the pupils in classroom B

Keelan, Daniel, Charlie, Steven, Alex, Parv, Isaac and Tommy.