The indoor hurling and camogie competitions have come to an end for this year. A great number of boys and girls took part in both the 3rd and 4th class blitz days held in the Little Island Sports Complex. We entered four teams in total, one in each blitz day. All involved received a certificate to acknowledge their hard work and participation.

The boys and girls played at least three matches at each blitz day giving ample opportunity for all for practice their skills. All students enjoyed the experience of representing their school and showed exemplary sportsmanship to the other teams involved. Maith sibh!

All boys and girls developed new skills throughout the training and matches. We look forward to working with these boys and girls again next year. Thanks to the teachers involved Ms C. Murphy, Mr L. Clohessy, Ms N. Wade and Ms M. Moynihan.

4th Class Girls Indoor Camogie 2017 BSRAC

3rd Class Girls Indoor Camogie 2017 BSRAC

3rd Class Boys Indoor Hurling 2017 BSRAC

4th Class Hurling

3rd Class Camogie

3rd Class Boys Hurling