This week in Maths we have been learning about Fractions and how we can identify halves (2 equal pieces) and quarters (4 equal pieces). We used paper to show a whole unit first, then we folded the paper to represent halves and then quarters.
We’ve also been finding fractions of whole numbers and mixed numbers e.g. ‘How many quarters are in 1 and a half?
In Rang a Trí we know that dividing and fractions are close friends so we tried hard to divide numbers into different sized groups (equally) and then identify how much each fraction represents e.g. ‘If I have 20 sweets to share equally between 4 people, how much will 2 children get? What fraction is this?’

Next week we’ll be challenging ourselves even more and looking at eights and tenths!
At home, why not test our knowledge of fractions … share out cutlery, clothes pegs or even biscuits!