BSRAC are busy celebrating Maths Week from the 17th- 21st of October 2022. As part of this, our Problem Solving Competition was launched today. Posters are displayed on the Junior/ Senior Infant, 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th and 5th/6th class corridors with curricular based Maths Problems. (Pictures are shown below)

Children are encouraged to enter this competition and can place their answers including the important rough work into our Solution Boxes pictured below. These challenges will be changed fortnightly and some lovely Maths prizes will be rewarded to the children for winning entries.

Children if they wish, can complete the problem at home with the help of their families and bring in the answers. Additionally, children are more than able to devise their own problems to set to their peers! These can be placed into the Solution Boxes!

Below is our Junior/ Senior Infants Problem:

Below is our 1st/ 2nd Class Problem:

Below is our 3rd/ 4th Class Problem:

Below is our 5th/6th Class Problem:

All answers and rough work to be placed into the solution boxes located throughout the school.

The best of luck with your Problem Solving!!

Any feedback be sure to let your class teacher know.