Good morning Parents / Guardians,

Thanks to all families making the effort to get the children walking / scooting / cycling to school in recent times (don’t forget helmets!). Even as the weather gets colder, we are still encouraging the children to wrap up with appropriate clothing and to not drive to school. The Safe Routes to School Scheme has really enhances our school day and we genuinely appreciate your efforts. Our students, parents and BOM have approved our new Sustainability Policy and a huge part of that is leaving the car at home and making the route safer for children and families. Please see some reminders below for your attention.

Le meas,

S. Flannery         A. Carney

Disabled Spaces (Blue) and Special Taxi Spaces (Red)

These spaces at the school gate are strictly for children with a physical disability and children who are collected by the designated Special Bus Éireann taxis / bus. Do not attempt to park in these spaces at drop off or collection times.

Drop Off Zones

We are encouraging families to use the new parking spaces below the tennis club to drop children and let them walk the 2 / 3 mins to school. EuroSpar carpark is also an option within a few minutes of the school.

Neighbouring Estates
We are receiving complaints from our neighbours in Brooklawn and Martello about driveways and entrances being blocked. Please park responsibly in the designated drop off zones if you must bring your car. Complaints about parents parking are directed to the Council and Gardaí who enforce the rules of the road. Please work with us to keep the area safe for pedestrians.

New Pedestrian Entrance

The new pedestrian entrance is almost ready and again we encourage you to let your child walk to school or, if you must drive, to drop them a few minutes away from the entrances so that the route is safer and less congested.

Parking Problems and Congestion

When parking creates problems and the road gets congested, it becomes less safe for our children. This becomes particularly bad in poor weather. Please park responsibly. Let your child walk all or some of the way to help reduce congestion. This keeps your child safe.

Works to Be Completed

The scheme will continue over the next few months with further measures to ensure the route is safer for children and other pedestrians – a crossing at Ellen’s Kitchen and an improved crossing at the Junction at Newtown. Thanks for your patience and cooperation.

We are giving the children regular reminders to walk / scoot / cycle (with helmets) to school. Please play your part and encourage the same!

Míle buíochas!