Our SSE targets are ongoing and we are having great fun exploring poetry at BSRAC!

Term 2 was a great success! World Poetry Day was used to inspire and motivate children to explore, recite and perform poetry of their specific chosen poet. This was performed in classrooms and in the hall for other levels to enjoy. Two levels participated in Feis Maitiú and this greatly heightened and enhanced their enjoyment and engagement with poetry, while showcasing this for the whole school.

This was a wonderful learning experience across the levels. Performance at local levels made it more flexible to complete the target. Making comparisons between the poets’ poems was a productive activity and we will continue to develop the language of comparison!

Here are our targets for Term 3:

  1. Children and teachers will be inspired and motivated to explore, recite and perform poetry as Gaeilge in the classroom.
  2. Teachers will be supported to create enthusiasm and explore poetry as Gaeilge in the classroom.
  3. Explore, recite and perform a poem as Gaeilge by the end of the Term
  4. Tying in with Drama, we will use the ‘facial expression technique’ to enhance the performance and communicate the meaning to an audience.
  5. Pupils will extend their ‘represent’ element of RRR (Reflect, Represent, Report) beyond illustrating for assessment and continue to record digitally into their Seesaw O.L Folder
  6. Through digital mentoring across the levels, classes will use a new digital tool to enhance RRR.

We are looking forward to sharing all of our learning experiences exploring poetry as Gaeilge with you during this term.

Tá súil againn go mbainfidh sibh go léir taitneamh as chomh maith – We hope you all enjoy it too!