On their last week in school Ms Falvey’s Senior Infants took advantage of the lovely hot weather to carry out a very exciting science experiment. They used solar energy to make their own version of the popular American treat- s’mores!

We made a ‘solar oven’ using a pizza box, tinfoil, cling film and black paper. This fun and simple activity is a great to make the delicious treat using the heat from the sun instead of the traditional camp fire. Here’s how w made our s’mores:

First we covered a pizza box in tinfoil (shiny side out).























Next we placed black paper down inside the box.

Then we made the s’mores using digestive biscuits, milk chocolate and marshmallows. Last we covered the box in cling film.

Then we left the box outside (with the lid up for the sun to reflect on the box) for about an hour and a half to let the the hot sun do the work.









The result was a delicious chocolate sandwich with melted chocolate and squishy marshmallows. The kids thoroughly enjoyed their treats and couldn’t wait to try it themselves at home!