Rang !V were delighted to participate in a school based nature workshop facilitated by biologist & educator Darragh Murphy of ‘Cork Social Good’ (see also www.dmurphynature.com) and sponsored by Cobh Tidy Towns. Darragh brought two oak saplings along with him and, having explained to the pupils the importance of planting this native species, he left the saplings for us to take care of. We are grateful to Sam and Lucy for looking after them over the Easter holidays. We will be looking for more pupils to care for them during the summer holidays. He also left us a bug house to install to encourage bugs to thrive and allowing us a closer look at their antics. The pupils enjoyed their time with Darragh as they explored the ecosystem present all around them.

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Rang IV were so delighted and excited to recently welcome Jim Wilson.The pupils had been studying the barn owl and Jim added to their work by giving a very entertaining and enlightening talk on owls in general. He very kindly stayed on and spoke to each child who had completed a project on some aspect of the barn owl. Sam even managed to get him to sign a copy of one of his famous books on bird life in Ireland. We look forward to welcoming Jim again.

Huge Thanks to our two visitors!

Max, Abigail, Sarah R Millie, Etain, Noah Patrick, Sam, Rhys Sarah A, Abi, Matty Whole class Lily. Kayla, Marta Igor, Alex, Paul Jasmine, Eve Lucy Ciara, Ali, Cormac Cormac, Fionn, Sophie Evan, Lara, Aoife