Junior infants have been making fantastic progress this year developing their phonological awareness skills.

What is Phonological Awareness?
Phonological Awareness is the area of oral language that makes us think about the sounds in a word,  rather than just the meaning of the word.

Recognising the different sounds in words is the starting point when children begin to learn to read and write.

What are the benefits of developing phonological awareness skills?

Having adequate phonological awareness skills sets children up to be successful readers and writers. The skills Junior Infants at BSRAC are developing include word awareness, syllable awareness, onset-rime awareness and phonemic awareness.

Following phonological awareness courses, the Junior Infant teachers have created a phonological programme to ensure pupils have a strong level of phonological skills before learning letter sounds (phonics).


With daily practice in small groups (stations), the children are enjoying developing their phonological awareness skills through exciting games, fun activities and using the class iPads to explore apps.

Well done to all of our Junior Infants for all their amazing work- you should all be so proud of yourselves!!