It’s been a busy summer at the school gates of BSRAC with the new Safe Routes to School Scheme well under way!

We surveyed parents & students early in the year to see what barriers were preventing children and families from walking to school. Overwhelmingly the response was safety on the roads with so many cars and too few crossing points.


The new scheme – one of the first of its kind – will widen the footpaths, add more entrances to school, add planting, add seating, add sensory zones and make walking to school safer and more enjoyable!

We are urging all families to get on board and leave the cars at home where possible. Our aim is that the school gate will be car free except for our disabled bays and school transport taxis for children with special needs. For that reason, additional parking is being added at the end of the school road below the tennis club. If you must drive to school, please leave the car here and let the children walk up the road themselves.

Two new additional pedestrian entrances (one at the staff carpark gate and on up the hill towards Rushbrooke Manor will also help keep cars away from the school gate.

As with all change, it will take some people time to adjust but remember, this is putting your child’s safety first and developing lifelong good habits!

More info to follow!