Our next fundraiser is our annual school calendar for 2019. Photos will be taken on the 16th November. Each class has a theme (listed below) and children may dress accordingly on that day, if you wish.

We want to emphasise that there should be no cost to any family for the dress up. We encourage children to use their imagination, be creative or even wear their normal clothes and bring a prop.

Some ideas are outlined below and also on the Parents’ Council Facebook page.


January:    Ms Murtagh / Ms O’Brien & Ms Cunningham.

Health promoting / Active schools: Sports gear, dance clothes, outdoors equipment, healthy food props, smiley faces


February: Ms O’Sullivan & Ms Cregan.

Cork Harbour/All things Cork: Cork Jerseys, Red clothes, life jackets, rowing gear, Cork landmarks, famous Cork people / Cork celebrities, Cork places


March: Ms Forrest & Ms Thompson.

St Patrick’s / All things Irish: Green, Irish Jersey, Irish flag, Irish celebrities, St Patrick, Shamrocks, Irish dancing, Irish music, Traditional Irish clothes


April – Mr Duggan & Ms Scannell

Heroes from History: Any character from History, anyone who is a hero to your child (grandparent, ancient history), famous explorer, any character from world history (Kings, Queens, Legendary characters)


May: Ms Falvey & Ms Healy / Ms Kelleher

 Books / Movies / Music –  Character from a book / film / show, A song title, a film title, props like a guitar, microphone, superheroes from books/films


June: Mr Kiely & Ms Lyne

Languages & Countries: Dress in the colours of a flag, bring a flag from another country, poster with ‘hello’ from another language, traditional clothes, prop representing that country


July: Ms Moynihan & Ms Downing.

Holidays / The Beach – Props for the beach, summer clothes, suitcase


August:  Ms Griffin & Ms Hennessy

When I grow up I want to be…. Anything goes! From careers to princes & princess to a solicitor!


September: Ms Spriggs & Mr Buckley

STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths: Props like a paintbrush, calculator, numbers on a t-shirt, lab coat, beakers, easel, notebooks, sketchpads, lego colours, robots, game console, minecraft, coding, builder, tools,


October: Ms De Ris & Ms Ryan

Under the Sea/Out in the Solar System: Dressed in blue / sea colours / space colours, a star, fishing rod, globe, planets on a t-shirt, rocket, spaceman, jellyfish, mermaids


November: Ms O’Hanlon & Mr Murphy.

Weird & Wonderful: Inside out clothes, wacky hats, false beards, odd socks, odd shoes, wrong fitting clothes, dress like an old person, crazy / bright colours, random items


December: Ms Mc Call & Ms Coomey.

Christmas: Christmas jumper, reindeer antlers, Christmas tree / decorations, Santa, woolly clothes, angels, elves, characters from the Christmas story, Winter themed, snowmen, dressed in white.