Robotics involves building a robot and programming it to do different activities that you set.  In Robotics you have different teams. For example, we have the building team and the design team who work closely together. We also have the PR team and the coding team. When the robot is built there will be a competition between different schools and we are looking forward to partaking.

The building team just got new pieces to make the robot. They have now made the base of the robot, this is important because it needs to be strong and sturdy. They are currently working on building the rest of the robot and we hope that it will all work out without too many complications because the point of the competition is to get a hub into the goals.

The Coding team are using Robot C for coding the robot. They have downloaded the programme and have practiced using it. They are currently using different coding programmes to work on their coding skills while the building team are building the robot. For instance, they are playing LIGHT BOT to help them with their coding, LIGHT BOT is a coding game where you set different actions to make the robot move in the direction that you want it to. Scratch is another coding game where you make different characters and programme them to dance, play a game or eat. Minecraft is another way of coding, you bring blocks over to the programming section to move the character and get him to the target.

The PR are typing this right now! The PR team also take pictures and they write everything in the engineer log book, which is important because we to have to show this logbook to the judges. They also update the school website on how Robotics is going.  They interview each team about what they are doing. We will keep you updated on our progress but for now here are some pictures!