Cobh Tidy Towns is a voluntary organisation. During the week, we saw a presentation in our class, which was given by Ruth Ring of Cobh Tidy Towns.

In the presentation, we saw what Cobh Tidy Towns does for us. They use a special machine to pick up gum on the streets and ground and they paint the walls around Cobh.

Ruth explained to us how long it takes plastic to break down in the sea. She showed us one of the gold medals they won, they won one bronze, three silver and five gold. I really enjoyed it since I am on the Green schools committee in our school.

Yesterday we met another Tidy Towns volunteer outside in the school gardens. His name was Colm and he showed us some of the native trees in Ireland. Then we planted the tree – the one we picked was white thorn. We could only pick three people to go up and plant it.

They tied a red string on each tree to remember which one we planted. It was great fun. The people who were picked walked up a steep hill to plant the tree. I hope that some birds will find the tree and make a nest in it.

I really enjoyed Cobh Tidy Towns coming into visit us in Bunscoil Rinn an Chabhlaigh. We learned so much about looking after our local environment.