Recently we have been working on and learning about the E.U.

We are taking part in a project called the BFG to the E.U., which is run by Emmanuelle Schon- Quinlivan.

It helped us to learn and understand more about European Union. There were games, PowerPoints and even videos that helped us remember all the basic facts about the E.U. We all knew how many countries are in the E.U after a couple of lessons and we can now name at least 10 countries each.

The BFG is an educational program run by UCC, and funded by the EU. There are many online lessons, each focusing on different aspects of the European Union. One of the lessons, for example, focused on the single market and customs union, while others focused on Brexit. All of these lessons were helpful on getting a better understanding of this wonderful club.

We have been working on other activities towards earning our BFG to the E.U Plaque. Such as E.U. quizzes, crosswords, learning and colouring the E.U flags and doing projects on each E.U country. We have also learned Ode to Joy, the E.U anthem on the tin whistle.

Emmanuelle Schon- Quinlivan has been researching European Union matters for two decades. From 2017 to 2019, Emmanuelle came up with the idea for a project she has called the BFG, standing for Big Friendly Guide to the European Union. She is also a lecture in European politics in the Department of Government.

We got some opinions from people in our class they said:

  • They learned a lot of things About the EU, such as not all EU countries use the Euro.
  • They liked all the games, PowerPoints and lessons.
  • Also, they said the BFG website explains every lesson very clearly.
  • They like all the quizzes and games.
  • They liked all the Brexit lessons.

There is a really helpful fact file called Seamie Shamrock, which pops in statements, facts and sometimes questions. It’s a very helpful thing because if you don’t understand everything Seamie makes sure to help you understand a little bit more.

Over 2018 and 2019, this program was piloted from juniors to 6th class, in 6 different school across the county. 35 teachers took part in their very first CPD course in July 2019. The goal of this website was for the children to understand the world they live in.Our class is happy to say that the BFG program helped us a lot.We think it’s a wonderful website and we hope other people ave a chancee to use it to. Thank you for listening