Mental Health Committee
The Mental Health Committee is a very committee with students, teachers and parents on it. It tries to make school a happier place. We have had many amazing days like “walk in my shoes” where you got to wear odd socks or shoes and wear a crazy hairstyle to celebrate difference between people. We also have our ‘Gratitude Tree’ where every student gets a leaf where we wrote something kind, a house where we wrote what we are grateful for and a heart where we wrote the name of someone we love. We also had a positive poster competition, Mindful Mondays, Music in the Yard and a Positive Phrase every month.

Relax Kids
Is a very helpful place to be. It helps you get rid of all the stress in your body and mind. Makes you feel very calm before you start the day. It is a super interactive and fun place. It also teaches you how to control your feelings. It is VERY helpful when you are in a bad situation.

Support in the School
This school is a super, super supportive place. Our school is a place that makes everybody feel unique in their own special way. Every child is treated equally. All the teachers/staff are very very very supportive. We have loads of special and exciting days that make the students here feel calm and very happy. I always feel there is someone I can talk to if I have a problem.
Weaving Well Being
Weaving Well Being Is a very helpful thing to learn in school as a young person [especially] It teaches us to treat others how you would like to be treated, how to forgive other people, how to be kind, how to have respect to other people and loads more. It is also a fun class.

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