In Ms. Healy and Ms. Kelleher’s 4th Class we made Predator and Prey board games!

We really enjoyed making these board games!
We were working in groups of one to five and all of our board games were different. Some were printed, some were hand-written.
Take a look at a few of our board games!


We also went down to Ms. Cunningham’s 4th Class. They made games as well, so we took turns playing each other’s games. We all had so much fun!

Later on, we went down to Ms. De Ris’s 2nd Class. We went to one or two people each, explained how to play the game and eventually started to play! Some games took about 5 minutes but some were almost 20 minutes long! We really enjoyed playing with 2nd class and will be going down to them later in the year to help them make their OWN board games!