The Health Promoting School are organising a Mental Health awareness day on the 7th June in cooperation with the Student Council.

Our themes are two fold….showing empathy and celebrating difference.

To this end the children will be asked to come to school with CRAZY HAIR (to celebrate difference) or/and to wear odd shoes/boots/socks (Walk in My Shoes…empathy). We will have an assembly on the morning of the 7th June where the Crazy Hair and odd shoes/socks can be shown off (staff too!)

Please bear in mind that these activities are voluntary. The children don’t have to do them!

We will have no Friday test that day to reduce stress!!!!

We are also looking for ANONYMOUS written submissions from staff, children and parents/carers on the theme of how someone helped you when you were down or how someone showed you that difference is good. We will pick some to read at assembly. It’s important that the submissions be anonymous. Classes from 3rd to 6th can take part and it’s open to ALL STAFF AND PARENTS /CARERS too!

Submissions from parents can be left with Jerry in the office! He will forward them to Ms. Hennessy. Please have them in by Wednesday 5th June.

Suggested activities to try out at home or at school below:

  1. Compliment Circle: compliment yourself and someone else!
  2. Random Acts of Kindness…children make in advance, pick one out of a box and try it for the day
  3. Rainbow pics/ Feel Good Frames: Write one nice thing about yourself, everyone else can add something….or photo/name of child in the frame, words added to describe person
  4. At the end of the day say what you’re grateful for…..

Health Promoting School Committee and Student Council