The Feis Maitiú drama competition is a drama competition that our class will be taking part in, along with three other classes. This will be an exciting event and watching other schools will be great fun too. There will be six other schools performing as well in the choral verse category.

The poems we will perform are ‘The Dentist and The Crocodile’ by Roald Dahl which is a humorous poem that our school chose. The other poem that we are performing is ‘Allie’ by Robert Graves, which is a more serious poem that the Feis chose.

Last year was the first time that our school entered the Feis Maitiú in 25 years. Our school came third last year. We have a very good drama teacher who visits us each week. Her name is Julie Dennehy O’Callaghan. She has a lot of experience in drama. Our teacher Mr Murphy likes teaching us Drama too.

The Feis Maitiú will take place in the Father Mathew Hall in the city on Tuesday the 10th March. I am not very nervous but I am excited to perform. We are taking the 9am train up and the 2pm train back to school. It will be great fun going up and back with my friends.

By Liam