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Our new theme for 2016-2018 is:


This theme gives our pupils the chance to revise the energy theme and look more closely at how our energy consumption in school/home has an effect globally and ultimately contributes to climate change.

This year we have a new committee of 13 pupils. We have a representative from each class 3rd – 6th.

Pictured here is our Green School Committee:


Our committee have been working very hard already coming up with ideas on how our school can reduce the amount of energy it uses every day.

Every class has elected one pupil to be an Energy Monitor. This person is responsible for making sure lights are off and doors are closed when children leave the classroom and that all electrical appliances are turned off at the end of the day.

We will continue with our WOW Walk On Wednesday in an effort to reduce fuel consumption. Our committee take class scores every week and the class with the highest walking scores each month win the coveted Golden Boot Award!