Well done to the entire school community on transitioning to remote learning. Thanks to staff, students and parents for making what is not an ideal situation work as best they can.

Please see a letter to parents here from Minister Foley, Dept. of Education, in regards to remote learning. 

You will notice significant engagement daily from staff so that your child’s education and development can continue as best as possible. You will also notice that staff are putting in huge effort to ensure learning can continue remotely, as directed by the Minister to all schools. For that reason, please ensure your child engages daily as they would if the school building was open. The routine will also be extremely beneficial for children’s wellbeing in a time when they cannot mix as normal and ensure that they will not fall behind. If there are any barriers to engaging, contact the teacher via email so that your situation can be accommodated as best as possible.

We all – students, staff and parents – look forward to resuming in-school learning as soon as possible!

Thank you all for your efforts, patience and understanding as students nationwide come to terms with remote learning again.