Good afternoon Parents / Guardians,

As you will have heard by now, school closures have been extended with no fixed return date set as of yet. This is a great disappointment to many children, their families and to staff – we are all anxious to resume face-to-face schooling as soon as it is deemed safe.

Staff and families are putting in tremendous efforts to remote learning and a great gratitude is owed to the entire school community for playing their part. Your patience and messages of support are also appreciated. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and what will suit one unique family situation may not work in another house.

Our teachers and SNAs, since Christmas, have been utilising Zoom calls in one-to-one and small group settings. Now that the closure has been extended, some mainstream classes will begin to utilise Zooms also.

Please understand, however, that staff too are working in their own unique situation and for some teachers, due to internet speeds or childcare reasons for example, Zoom calls during the day may not be possible. Equally, some children / families may not be able to access the video calls on Zoom – the school will be understanding and as accommodating as possible here too.

blended approach of video lessons which can be accessed at any time, coupled with Zoom calls, where possible, to motivate students and for social reasons will continue until we reopen. Research is showing that a blended approach is the most effective remote learning method – but again we know that no approach will suit everyone. Your child’s daily interaction on Seesaw should continue.

Guidelines for Families Accessing Zoom Calls

If your child is to access Zoom calls with the class, we would ask you to read the following carefully so that your child can be prepared:

  1. The usual school rules will apply and appropriate on-screen behaviour / setting is expected.
  2. Try a Zoom call with a family member beforehand so that the child can see what it’s like. Older children can be shown how to use the ‘hand up’ feature for example when all are muted. 
  3. Remain within earshot of your child (in the kitchen / sitting room etc) to ensure good behaviour, support any IT issues such as microphones or cameras. Parents do not need to be on screen. Links will be sent to the parents’ email addresses in advance.
  4. Please do not record or share screens.
  5. By logging on, you are consenting to be part of the call. No signatures / explicit permission will be necessary. If you do not consent to your child being on the call, simply do not connect – that is no problem.  
  6. Ensure your child can mute and unmute themselves.
  7. The teacher will outline specifics in advance such as what to have prepared.
  8. Be understanding and patient!
  9. Reminder: this may not be possible for all staff or for all children, given the uniqueness of everyone’s situation.

Stay safe and thanks for your support, understanding and patience as always!