Many students have received phones, tablets and other devices over the Christmas period.

It is the school’s duty to remind parents that we have a policy on mobile phones / electronic devices in the school. They should not be brought to school. If for any reason a phone is necessary then a permission slip is needed (available at the back of the policy) and the phone must be turned off, stored in the classroom cabinet and collected at the end of the day.

Phones brought to school without permission will be confiscated and must be collected by a parent. Phones are not permitted on any excursions / matches etc.


Internet Safety

Parents and the school must also be aware of the social maturity of the children in relation to phones and communication devices. The school covers the appropriate lessons in relation to cyber-bullying and internet safety (Walk Tall and Stay Safe programmes). It is more important, however, that children are adequately supervised when they access their devices at home to prevent cyber-bullying or exposure to harm / harmful content.


On our App you will find a section calledWebWise which is a government initiative designed for parents / guardians to keep updated with the content / games currently being accessed by children. We encourage all parents / guardians to familiarise themselves with these content, know the age restrictions and supervise their use in the h