Senior Infants were exploring the topic of toys and looked at how toys have changed and different toys from around the world. They brought in some of their old toys for ‘show and tell’. 

We looked at some toys from around the world including Russian dolls and koala teddies. We also read the story ‘Silly Billy’ by Anthony Browne, a book about a boy who can’t sleep because he is so worried about all sorts of things. His granny gives him some worry dolls to help him.

Worry dolls, which originate from Guatemala, are small handmade dolls made from wood and cloth. You tell your worries to the doll, then place it under your pillow and while you sleep the worry doll take your worries away.

The Senior Infants were very excited to make their own worry dolls. We used wooden dolly pegs, wool and pipe cleaners to make the dolls and decorated with markers. Now all the children can tell any worries to their dolls and sleep ‘like a log’, just like Billy!

Senior Infants & Ms Falvey