What do we do?

Here in BSRAC we have an amazing science club on every Friday. It is run by Ruth Houlihan, one of our parents. We do  electrical circuits, coding and Science experiments every week.

 What have we done?

Last year we each built a water rocket. The water rockets were made up of a plastic bottles, tennis balls and lots of tape. The aim of the water rockets was to get them soaring up into the air. Our project was hugely successful and even Mr Carney launched one. We have also have a robot which we had to build and code.  Our favourite code is called Scaredy Cat the code means it would move forwards until something obstructed its path (hand, paper. etc.). It would then move backwards and change its direction. We have also used snap circuits to create electrical currents. We used the snap circuits to do various different experiments.

What are we doing now?

Right now we are working on a light up map of cork harbour. The map will have to have red and blue flashing lights (LEDs) to mark the buoys in the harbour. We will also have to have the correct flashing patterns for the lighthouses. The two main lighthouses we are doing are Roches point lighthouse and the spitbank lighthouse. We are using proper ardeuno boards to do this. The ardeuno boards have to be coded using ardeuno code. The code is hard because of the different flashing patterns of the lighthouse. The lighthouses have very precise angles on where the lights have to go.

Our members

In our science club we have five members and are getting new recruits. The members we have right now are Cathal, Áine, Isa, Leon and Tadgh and we have Kate and Olivia collaborating with us for the art. Our members right now have been doing this since 5th class and have stayed on all the way.