My Robotics Experience

At the start of 5th class, I heard that we’d be doing the VEX Robotics. I was really happy. We started off by building the cubes and the arena. We were lucky to get the arena because lots of schools don’t get it. I built the red cubes and I also helped with the blue cubes. We finally finished it. We had to take apart the robot after a while. When we finished that, we started to build the new one. We built the clutch design. I took us about a month a half to build it. When it was science week we brought everything down to the hall. The robot was unfinished, we still had to build the claw. It was a great day. After that we started to build the claw. The claw was not working. We decided to turn it around. That didn’t work either, so we turned it one more time and it worked!

We kept on working on it. We were very lucky to go to Walterstown to practise the team event. I was one of the drivers. The teacher helped us massively. We got to go again and got 105 together.

On the 16th of January, we headed off to C.I.T on a bus at 8am. When we got there they had to inspect our robot. We got a big fright because it was over the height limit. We changed it a bit and they left us off. The drivers and the programmers went to the practise arenas. We had 6 turns to get points, 3 driving and 3 programming. We did pretty well. We also had the team event and got 3 of the 4 top scores. Filip and Paul drove in the final 10 but sadly we only got 40 points. I really enjoyed my Robotics experience, and I would love to do it again!

By Ciaran



Rubiks Cubes: Nikodem Ms Murphy’s 5th Class

Rubiks Cubes are a puzzle which have 42 trillion possible scrambles. Rubiks Cube are hard at the start, but after that people say it is Easy! The reason is, because if you know how to solve one it is easy. That isn’t really it. It is hard to learn most algorithms. My average time is 31seconds and my best time is 24seconds. I want to get my average to 25seconds and my Personal Best to 15seconds. I won’t cube for my whole life, I want to get better at other stuff like coding or scripting. I will still continue cubing, but I won’t do it much. If it takes me a year to learn scripting, coding, or other stuff, it will be worth, because it took me 2 years to learn the algorithms and get better cubes.