This year we (Ms. Murphy’s fifth class) do running every day.  We do this because we are getting outside less because of covid and sports being cancelled.


We started doing around 4-5 laps of the 5th class yard but amazingly now we are doing 10-11 laps of the main yard. I personally could see an increase in the amount of people running more laps and us doing more laps every day.



We started doing 300 meters a day and that slowly increase to 500 and then 600 but now we are doing an amazing 1km a day. The distance of one lap around the main yard is 107 meters so we do ten laps to get to a km.



We have all made goals for when we go out, some peoples are to do all the laps others are to do three laps take a break and do a few more but as a class we are trying to make it to a marathon. This week we are trying to get to 5km by Friday.



The reason we do the laps is so we can improve, but more importantly it’s so we can enjoy doing exercise instead of getting tired and giving up. I am enjoying all the running and want it to continue because It breaks up the day and gives us a bit of exercise as well.


It’s nothing about speed its more about stamina. We are improving, and I want to keep it up. I hope I have inspired another class to do the same and maybe we might have a contest about how many laps we can do in a week. We are recording all the results as well as averaging how much we do all week.

This is a great way to practice our math skills as well as developing our fitness and looking after our well being.

Written by Ruadhan. Hope you enjoyed.