We are really looking forward to our school book fair that will run from the 14th of October until the 21st of October. Since all orders will be made online this year we would like to show you how it will work!

Step 1

All children will the opportunity to visit the fair in school and with the help of their teacher they will list some books they liked on a book fair wish list. The price of each book will be included. See picture attached.

Step 2

If you would like to purchase a book the only way it is done this year is through an online link that will be emailed home. Click on the link that says ‘I would like to purchase books from a wish list. See picture attached.

Step 3

Once you have purchased the books you will receive a reference number by email. This is proof of purchase. Write this number on the wish list sheet. See picture attached

Step 4

It is really important that you list only the names of the books purchased on the wish list. See picture attached.

Step 5

Your child will return the wish list to school so that the school can organise the collection of your new books.

We hope you find this information helpful!

From Hazel, Zoe, Sarah and the library committee.