Dear Parents / Guardians,

As already highlighted, we are to resume online teaching and learning next week as directed by the Government. The school is prepared for this and we have the necessary plans in place already.

While we acknowledge the different circumstances in each household of the school community, your child’s engagement with online learning is essential and expected. If there are any barriers to your child’s engagement with online learning, it is important to let the teacher know without delay so we can work with you to find solutions and ensure your child’s education can continue. You will find the teachers’ email addresses on our website.

To help with the smooth running of online learning the following is in place:

  1. Seesaw is our online teaching and learning platform for the school. Your child’s work, support and feedback will be communicated via video / audio / text on Seesaw.
  2. Each class level will be divided among all the teachers at that level. This will ensure your child’s needs are met in a more productive manner. For that reason, you will notice other teachers at the level responding to your child on Seesaw.
  3. All teachers and SNAs at the level are communicating regularly with each other to ensure consistency and monitor progress.
  4. Parents should communicate any issues to the teacher via the teacher’s email address. Your child’s class teacher will also still be available for any email queries.
  5. Textbooks were issued to children before the Christmas holidays. If your child was absent, please ring the office from Monday to arrange for collection of items by appointment only.
  6. Teachers will directly provide details of their times of availability to parents and students.
  7. It is important the students participate on a daily basis in the assigned activities and submit the required work by the specified time. Again, please get in touch immediately with the teacher if there is a reason the work cannot be submitted on time.
  8. One of the most important activities you can encourage your child to do and to do with your child will be reading as much and as often as possible.

While online teaching & learning is far from ideal, I want to thank the staff in advance for their efforts in a very unique situation. Thanks too to families for working as partners with the school for the sake of the children’s continued education.

Take care and stay safe.

S. Flannery, Príomhoide

A. Carney, Príomhoide Táiniste