Take a bow if you’re in Ms.O’Donnell’s 4th class! 🌟🥳👏🏻 Thank you to the boys and girls for all their wonderful work, their terrific teamwork and their thoughtful kindness in Term 1. Happy midterm and have lots of Halloween fun everyone!🎃

Last week, the boys and girls enjoyed learning about “Graphs” in Maths. To celebrate Maths week we embarked on an adventurous Maths Trail around the staff car park and put our mathematical skills to the test! The children used tallies to gather their data. The categories of data collection were:
  • a. Car colours
  • b. Years on Registration plates
  • c. Counties on Registration plates.
Subsequent to gathering this information, the children represented their findings in the form of either a bar chart or a histogram. They had lots of fun tuning into a live video by a Mathematical Entertainer and enjoyed lots of  Maths jokes and riddles. Special thank you to Ms. Dunne for accompanying us and helping us with our diverse graphical representations! We had great outdoor mathematical fun! 📊

Our Maths Working wall ~ Gathered Data & Graphical interpretations in the form of bar charts and histograms!